Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012


im not a trendy people or some one whos always up to date for somethin’ happening around us..
Mostly i dont give a damn thing about trends.., but..,
Im a trendsetter, i made sumthin but i dont really realize dat its gonna be a trend..
Not in a big field, juzt for a thousands people who knows me i guess.. Hahahaha
In my country, Indonesia.. We got almost 250 million people living in this beautiful country, we got thousand of culture and millions of habit.. Its so different with western life fo real, but in here wat makes me wrote this shit is a stupid trends who transform as a life style that really unacceptable..

Who loves Boy Band or a Girl Band..?
I mean is not a real Band but somethin like a couple of dancers who move like a jegger and singing sumthin.. Damn..!!!
From Korea, now its like a virus striking Indonesia..
And u know wat..?
I hate them..!!!
So, fuck trend, fuck boy band.. Fuck everything that u stand for.. Dont be long dont exist dont make shit..
Btw, i love the song of Backstreet Boys and 98 degree, are those group are boy band..?

2 komentar:

Faizal Amir ( - on facebook) mengatakan...

saya juga sedang terkena virus..virus raper yang mencampur kental dengan bass+beatbox indonesia...aww.wkwk...and i like it
"bf2b" hahaha :p

arul rock mengatakan...

haha sip abang santozzzzz ... awas babyboi nya kena pirus boiben