Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012


Welcome to my life..,
ever heard dat words before..? Yea, its sounds like a hit single by mr. bon jovi isnt it..?
Wat it means..?
Fuck it, i dont even care about wat it means..
For me, life is sucks, so no one can entering my life..!!
Is it a stupid statement..? Hell yea, it is..!!
When people arounds u were preparing their better future, wat supposed i do..? Should i prepare for my own..?
I have many moment to cry on..
Sad life, but whos the one i have to blame on..?
When we’re talking about love.., how do u feel being ignored..?
U love someone but its not look like wat u want, should i blame her on my problem..?
Its a balance life, God create me and all of u for a reason right..?
But, im lookin the reason why so many people ignored me damn well..!!!
Wat ever.., i wish i can be better, be more happy be some one that people need..
Fuck it, Ignore me, its not the first time anyway..

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