Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012


Ok., today is a 1st wekend on December, me and my band was having a tour around east java Indonesia.. Today im staying in Malang city for performing the next day.. Im doin nothin on hotel room, i smoke dope with my room mate, having chit chat by bbm with my wife and watching tv..
Nahh.., disaster comin…
Im watching one of the program
Its a reality stupid show
Hahaha.., the program tittle is “termehek mehek”
First, its a stupid name for a tv program right?
2nd.. Its not a reality show.., its a fake one with a stupid host and amateur cast inside with a creapy story board..
I dont believe this.. Cz its on the air and brodcast by one of the biggest tv station in indonesia..
Its so stupid.., not even better then a soap opera with $ 300 budget production..
Its a stupid.., damn, why im staying on this channel..?


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